New Books – February 2009

shiftShift. Charlotte Agell. Y Agell.
In fifteen-year-old Adrian Havoc’s world, HomeState rules every aspect of society and religious education is enforced but Adrian, refusing to believe that the Apocalypse is at hand, goes north through the Deadlands and joins a group of insurgents.

kendraKendra. Coe Booth. Y Booth.
High schooler Kendra longs to live with her mother who, unprepared for motherhood at age fourteen, left Kendra in the care of her grandmother.

palacePalace of Mirrors. Margaret Peterson Haddix. Y Haddix.
Fourteen-year-old Cecilia has always known she is the true princess of Suala, but when she and her best friend, Harper, decide to speed up her ascendancy to the throne, they find danger and many imposters who challenge her claim.

howtoditchHow to Ditch Your Fairy. Justine Larbalestier. Y Larbalestier.
In a world in which everyone has a personal fairy who tends to one aspect of daily life, fourteen-year-old Charlie decides she does not want hers–a parking fairy–and embarks on a series of misadventures designed to rid herself of the invisible sprite and replace it with a better one, like her friend Rochelle’s shopping fairy.

latent_powersThe Latent Powers of Dylan Fontaine. April Lurie. Y Lurie.
Fifteen-year-old Dylan’s friend Angie is making a film about him while he is busy trying to keep his older brother from getting caught with drugs, to deal with his mother having left the family, and to figure out how to get Angie to think of him as more than just a friend.

cybeleCybele’s Secret. Juliet Marillier. Y Marillier.
Scholarly eighteen-year-old Paula and her merchant father journey from Transylvania to Istanbul to buy an ancient pagan artifact rumored to be charmed, but others, including a handsome Portuguese pirate and an envoy from the magical Wildwood, want to acquire the item, as well.

rule_wonThe Rule of Won. Stefan Petrucha. Y Petrucha.
Caleb Dunne, the quintessential slacker, is pressured by his girlfriend to join a high school club based on The Rule of Won, which promises to fulfill members’ every “crave,” but when nonbelievers start being ostracized and even hurt, Caleb must act.

melting_stonesMelting Stones. Tamora Pierce. Y Pierce.
Residents of the island of Starns send for help from Winding Circle temple, and when prickly green mage Rosethorn and young stone mage trainee Evvy respond, Evvy finds that the problem is with a long-dormant volcano and tries to use her talents to avert the looming destruction.

infernal_devicesInfernal Devices: The Hungry City Chronicles. Philip Reeve. Y Reeve.
In the distant future, when fifteen-year-old Wren Natsworthy, bored with life in Anchorage, steals an Old-Tech book for a Lost Boy, she sets off a sequence of events that leads her parents, Tom and Hester, back into battle with old enemies and new. Book Three.

darklingA Darkling Plain: The Hungry City Chronicles. Philip Reeve. Y Reeve.
The once-great traction city of London is now just a radioactive wreck. Years after Tom Natsworthy fled, intending never to return, he discovers that something stirs in the remains of the old city in this thrilling conclusion to the Hungry City Chronicles. Book Four.

parliament_bloodThe Parliament of Blood. Justin Richards. Y Richards.
In Victorian London, after discovering that vampires really do exist and plot to end the human race, friends George, Liz, and Eddie join Sir William Protheroe in an increasingly desperate effort to find ways to stop them from overthrowing Parliament and, eventually, taking over the world.

out_shadowsOut of the Shadows. Sarah Singleton. Y Singleton.
In 1586 England, Elizabeth, whose family is hiding a Catholic priest from Protestant reformers, and Isabella, a girl of her own age who was similarly sheltered by “faery” folk 300 years earlier when Catholics accused Isabella’s mother of witchcraft, work together to keep the persecutors away.


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