The Seer Series, by Linda Joy Singleton

dragonflyJoanna H. reviewed the five volumes in Singleton’s Seer series.

Don’t Die Dragonfly, by Linda Joy Singleton
Sabine was kicked out of her home in California and sent to live with her grandmother when she had visions of the star football player dying a fiery death. Now all she wants is to be normal. But that’s not to be. Sabine starts hearing visions of a dragonfly drenched in blood. I liked the story and characters a lot, but this book had several glaring spelling and usage mistakes. But other than that, great book. I would recommend this to anyone that likes modern day fairy tales.

— Joanna H.

Last Dance, by Linda Joy Singleton
In this exciting sequel to Don’t Die Dragonfly, Sabine’s grandmother becomes horribly ill. An insistent disease similar to Alzheimer’s that threatens to take her life. Sabine must work with the new ranch hand Dominic in order to find the long lost cure. Also, she makes a new friend, “Thorn” and takes a road trip with her on a hope of finding the cure for her grandma. This book was even better than the last. The story is well written and you get to see a new side of the characters here. Anyone that likes modern fantasy would enjoy this.

Witch Ball, by Linda Joy Singleton
This is the third book in Singleton’s Seer series. Sabine gets a prediction from a haunted witch ball that she will due at the hands of someone who loves her. Sabine and her good friends Thorn and Manny help her try to change her fate. I loved everything about this book, the scenes are amazingly well written. I felt like I was actually in the book.

Sword Play, by Linda Joy Singleton
This is the exciting fourth book in the Seer series. In this book Sabine Rose is forced to return to her home town by her mother. In her own family she is made to feel like an outcast while her mother dotes on Sabine’s younger twin sisters. Sabine is drawn into a dangerous web. She even finds out a horrible secret that her dad has been keeping all her life. I liked this whole story, it gave a good insight into Sabine’s home town and old friends.

Fatal Charm, by Linda Joy Singleton
This is the conclusion to the Seer series. Sabine has moved back to her grandmother’s house. Sabine’s grandmother is still horribly ill and it’s getting worse everyday. In this exciting book, Sabine and Dominic go on a winter adventure that’s full of danger. I loved the romantic scenes and the conclusion was very good. Except she did kind of leave it open for another book.


15 Responses to “The Seer Series, by Linda Joy Singleton”

  1. lindajoysingleton Says:

    Thanks for the reviews!

    Thought you’d like to know I’m writing the 6th (final) book now called MAGICIAN’S MUSE. This book will spin-off a new series called THE FINDER, featuring Goth girl Thorn.
    I post the latest news on
    and I also have a website with book covers, etc., including the first chapter of my new trilogy, DEAD GIRL.

    If kids have any questions, they can email me through the link on my website. I love talking to readers!

  2. Linda Joy Singleton Says:

    MAGICIAN’S MUSE comes out in just over 3 months and can be pre-ordered online like Amazon or B/Noble or ask your local bookstore. The cover is up online.

  3. eplteenlibrarian Says:

    We’ve got the new book on order and will have it here in the library soon!


    cant wait to read the last book! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I LOVE THIS SERIES!

  5. Linda Joy Singleton Says:

    Hope you enjoy MAGICIAN’S MUSE!
    And in 2012 comes a spin-off Goth Girl Mystery starring Thorn.

  6. Emma Says:

    I read the series bout a year ago and loved it!!

  7. Emma Says:

    What gave you the idea for the books?? Did you make up the characters so they were like people you know?? I’ve tried writing long stories and short novels, but none of them are anywhere near as good as you books! 🙂

  8. Linda Singleton Says:

    Since I was a teen I was fascinated with psychics and I’ve always loved to read ghostly mysteries. I worked on the first version of THE SEER over 20 years ago, back then it was called PSYCHIC SLEUTH and Sabine was named Tessa. But it wasn’t until 2003 when I was submitting a different series to Llewellyn (now Flux) that I remembered this psychic detective idea and my editor loved it. I’m glad to write 6 books and hope to write more ghostly mysteries in the future. (Friend me on Facebook to hear the latest information).

  9. tay jones Says:

    i love your book ive jsst started and can’t put them down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am also a teen

  10. Brija Says:

    i have read all but one of you books in the passed month while reading 4 others inbetween i’m scared to read the last one because i dont want the story to end!

  11. Linda Joy Singleton Says:

    While THE SEER ended with 6 books, there’s a spin-off coming out in March called BURIED: A Goth Girl Mystery. Pre-orders often get the book a little early and it’s up on B/Noble and Amazon.
    Also I wrote a SEER story for the anthology called PHANTOM OF THE PROM where Sabine-Dominic have a ghostly encounter planning a prom in a haunted castle.

  12. Linda Joy Singleton Says:

    I meant to say the anthology with my SEER story is called SPIRITED, a link is in previous post. And the paperback will be out in March.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    is it late to say I love your books especially the love between sabine and dominic. I think they are the cutest couple

  14. lindajoysingleton Says:

    I am so glad you love my SEER series!! Did you read the short story called DOMINIC’S VOLCANO which was added to the 5th printing of DON’T DIE DRAGONFLY (larger edition). And also there’s two other short stories, one is FREE on my website just by clicking on cover for DARK LIFER’S REVENGE. And the other PHANTOM OF THE PROM (Sabine & Dom + prom + castle + ghost) which can be read in the SPIRITED anthology edited by Kat O’Shea, only .99 on Kindle.

    So nice to hear from you!!

  15. lindajoysingleton Says:

    Also, BURIED: A GOTH GIRL MYSTERY is now out!! And it’s dedicated to librarians.

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