Program Friday – Marble Magnets

Why have I never made marble magnets before? They are so addictive and fun, I think I will now be making them constantly. My fridge had better beware, for soon it will be covered with crazy magnets!

In prep for the craft I’m leading this Friday (June 12, 2 p.m. in the Perrin Room, for those of you interested), I made a bunch to make sure my craft-deficient self could actually do them. And now I have learned: they are super easy, they look awesome, and they have unlimited potential (you can make these marbles into game counters, tacks, and wearable pins as easily as you can make them into magnets).

This program doesn’t require registration so you can just show up to eat, drink, and make magnets! Come to the program Friday and let me show you the wonders of marble magnets! You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s a couple more sites to show how popular and easy these are:

From Curious Girl:

From DIY Life:


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