New Fiction – September 2009

young_infernoThe Young Inferno. John Agard. Y Agard.
Can our hoodie-clad hero make it through the nine circles of Hell and back again? Will he find love with his soul mate, Beatrice? In this red-hot retelling of “Dante’s Inferno,” readers discover the city of Dis, where everybody disses everybody; meet Frankenstein, the lovesick bouncer with the bling; come face-to-face with the Furies, a gang of T-shirt-wearing, snake-haired females; and encounter a host of gluttons, bigots, and plunderers from the world of history and politics.

fadeFade to Blue. Sean Beaudoin. Y Beaudoin.
Eighteen-year-old Goth Sophie Blue, sensing that something is awry in her small town, begins to piece together the connections between her missing father, a scientific researcher at a local laboratory, and her high school’s football star, Kenny.

last_knightThe Last Knight. Hilari Bell. Y Bell.
In alternate chapters, eighteen-year-old Sir Michael Sevenson, an anachronistic knight errant, and seventeen-year-old Fisk, his street-wise squire, tell of their noble quest to bring Lady Ceciel to justice while trying to solve her husband’s murder.

rogueRogue’s Home. Hilari Bell. Y Bell.
In this sequel to “The Last Knight,” former knight Sir Michael, now an unredeemed man, must help Fisk, his friend and former squire, clear his family’s name before they are bankrupt. However, someone is out to frame Michael for arson.

crashCrash into Me. Albert Borris. Y Borris.
Four teens have one thing in common: they all want to die. When they meet online after each one attempts suicide and fails, they escape together on a summer road trip. As they drive cross-country, bonding over their dark impulses, each must decide whether life is worth living–or if there’s no turning back

swimSwim the Fly. Don Calame. Y Calame.
“Fifteen-year-old Matt Gratton and his two best friends, Coop and Sean, always set themselves a summertime goal. This year’s? To see a real-live naked girl for the first time–quite a challenge, given that none of the guys has the nerve to even ask a girl out on a date. But catching a girl in the buff starts to look easy compared to Matt’s other summertime aspiration: to swim the 100-yard butterfly (the hardest stroke known to God or man) as a way to impress Kelly West, the sizzling new star of the swim team”–Publisher.

alcaponeAl Capone Shines My Shoes. Gennifer Choldenko. Y Choldenko.
In this anticipated sequel to the Newbery Honor book “Al Capone Does My Shirts,” Moose Flanagan, living on Alcatraz with his family, discovers a new note that says, Your turn. Is it from Al Capone himself? And if so, what does it mean?

splendorThe Splendor Falls. Rosemary Clement-Moore. Y Clement-Moore.
A broken leg has ended Sylvie Davis’ career as a ballerina, but her pain runs deeper. Her father’s cousin is restoring a family home in a town rich with her family’s history. And that’s where things start to get shady.

catchingCatching Fire. Suzanne Collins. Y Collins.
Katniss Everdeen has won the annual Hunger Games with Peeta Mellark. But it had been a victory won by defiance of the Capitol and their harsh rules. Katniss and Peeta should be happy. But there are rumors of rebellion among the subjects, and Katniss and Peeta, to their horror, are the faces of that rebellion.

earthgirlEarthgirl. Jennifer Cowan. Y Cowan.
This unusual novel written partly in blog format (complete with comments posted by the earthgirl’s followers and detractors) takes the cutting-edge form of an online confessional. The story follows the eco-evolution of 16-year-old Sabine Solomon. When she’s blindsided by a driver whose thrown-out McDonald’s leftovers leave her covered in plum sauce, Sabine throws the garbage back, causing a clash that’s captured on her friends’ videophones. Quickly the footage is shown on YouTube, and Sabine finds herself at the center of a heated eco-debate.

dullboyDull Boy. Sarah Cross. Y Cross.
What do you do if you can deadlift a car, and you spend your nights flying to get away from it all? If you are fifteen-year-old Avery Pirzwick, you keep that information to yourself. When you are a former jock turned freak, you can’t afford to let the secret slip. But then Avery makes some friends who are as extraordinary as he is.

stolenThe Stolen One. Suzanne Crowley. Y Crowley.
After the death of her foster mother, sixteen-year-old Kat goes to London to seek the answers to her parentage, and surprisingly finds herself invited into Queen Elizabeth’s court.

fatalThe Fatal Child (sequel to The Cup of the World and The Widow and the King). John Dickinson. Y Dickinson.
Dickinson delivers the final novel in his trilogy. The fugitive prince Ambrose finally takes his rightful place as king in the hope of finding a way to bring happiness to the Princess Atti, whom he loves, and freeing his land and subjects from the curse of the goddess Beyah.

bewitchingBewitching Season. Marissa Doyle. YPB Doyle.
In 1837 London, Persephone Leland would rather devote herself to her secret magic studies than enter society. But right as the season for “coming out” begins, Persy discovers that her governess has been kidnapped as part of a plot to gain control of Queen Victoria.

sacredSacred Scars (A Resurrection of Magic, Book Two). Kathleen Duey. Y Duey.
The second installment in the Resurrection of Magic series richly fulfills the promise of the first book, the National Book Award finalist “Skin Hunger.” In alternate chapters, Sadima works to free captive boys forced to copy documents in the caverns of Limori, and Hahp makes a pact with the remaining students of a wizards’ academy in hopes that all will survive their training, as both learn valuable lessons about loyalty.

morgueThe Morgue and Me. John C. Ford. Y Ford.
Christopher didn’t expect his summer job to be in the morgue. Or that he would accidentally discover a murder cover-up. Or that his discovery would lead him to a full-blown investigation involving bribery, kidnappings, more murders . . . and his best friend.

geektasticGeektastic: stories from the nerd herd. Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci, eds. Y Geektastic.
With illustrations from comic book artists Hope Larson and Bryan Lee O’Malley, “Geektastic” is a collection of short stories from such YA authors as M.T. Anderson, Libba Bray, and Garth Nix, which covers all things geeky, from Klingons and Jedi Knights to fan fiction and theater geeks.

howtostealHow to Steal a Car. Pete Hautman. Y Hautman.
Fifteen-year-old, suburban high school student Kelleigh, who has her learner’s permit, recounts how she began stealing cars one summer, for reasons that seem unclear even to her.

soulsticeSoulstice (The Devouring, Book Two). Simon Holt. Y Holt.
It’s been six months since Reggie first discovered and fought the Vours, malicious and demonic beings that inhabit human bodies on the eve of the Winter Solstice. The Vours still haunt Reggie, but only in her dreams–until one night, when an unexpected visitor turns her nightmares into reality.

tricksTricks. Ellen Hopkins. Y Hopkins.
This gripping new work of verse by a “New York Times”-bestselling author tells five moving accounts that remain separate at first, then interweave to tell a larger, powerful story–a tale about making choices, taking leaps of faith, falling down, and growing up. Five troubled teenagers fall into prostitution as they search for freedom, safety, community, family, and love.

muchachoMuchacho. Louanne Johnson. Y Johnson.
Living in a neighborhood of drug dealers and gangs in New Mexico, high school junior Eddie Corazon, a juvenile delinquent-in-training, falls in love with a girl who inspires him to rethink his life and his choices. Gripping, thought-provoking, and hopeful, this YA debut by the author of “Dangerous Minds” is a rare and inspiring story about one teen’s determination to fight his circumstances and shape his own destiny.

jumpingJumping Off Swings. Jo Knowles. Y Knowles.
Four friends. One pregnancy. Told alternately from each character’s point of view, this deeply insightful novel explores the aftershocks of the biggest decision of one girl’s fragile life–and the realities of leaving innocence behind.

popPop. Gordon Korman. Y Korman.
After moving to a new town, Marcus strikes up a friendship with Charlie Popovich, a former pro football player. As the two grow closer, Marcus learns that Charlie has early onset Alzheimer’s disease as a result of suffering head injuries during his career. Marcus is willing to risk everything to help his new friend.

loveisLove is the Higher Law. David Levithan. Y Levithan.
The lives of three teens–Claire, Jasper, and Peter–are altered forever on September 11, 2001. Levithan has written a novel of loss and grief, but also one of hope and redemption as his characters slowly learn to move forward in their lives, despite being changed forever.

treasuremapThe Treasure Map of Boys. E. Lockhart. Y Lockhart.
In this companion novel to “The Boyfriend List” and “The Boy Book,” Ruby struggles to secure some sort of mental health, to understand what constitutes a real friendship, and to find true love–if such a thing exists.

purplePurple Heart. Patricia McCormick. Y McCormick.
When Private Matt Duffy wakes up in an army hospital, he’s haunted by an image of a young Iraqi boy as a bullet hits his chest. Matt can’t shake the feeling that he is somehow involved in the boy’s death, but because of his own head injury, he struggles to put all the pieces together.

eyeslikeEyes Like Stars. Lisa Mantchev. Y Mantchev.
Behind the curtain at the Thtre Illuminata, the actors are born to play theirparts, and are bound to the Thtre by The Book–an ancient and magical tome ofscripts. Bertie is not one of the actors, but they are her family–and she isabout to lose them and the only home she’s ever known.

bloodpromiseBlood Promise : a Vampire Academy novel. Richelle Mead. Y Mead.
When the Strigoi attack St. Vladimir’s Academy, they take some of their victims with them, including Dimitri. He’d rather die than become one of them. Now Rose must abandon her best friend in order to keep her promise to Dimitri. But with everything at stake, how can she possibly destroy the person she loves most?

ruinedRuined. Paula Morris. Y Morris.
Rebecca Brown, a 15-year-old transplanted New Yorker, is living with a family friend in New Orleans while her father travels overseas. The house she is staying in is creepy and her prep school classmates treat her like she’s invisible. Only Anton Grey takes the time to be friendly. But does he have a hidden agenda? One night she meets Lisette, a ghost who has haunted a city cemetery since her death 155 years earlier. The encounter uncovers startling truths about Rebecca’s own family history.

anotherAnother Faust. Daniel Nayeri. Y Nayeri.
“On a single night, five children suddenly vanish from their homes in Paris, Glasgow, Rome, and London. Years later, five enigmatic reenagers make an impressive entrance at an exclusive New York holiday party with their strange but beautiful governess, Madam Vileroy. Rumor and intrigue follow the Faust children to the elite Manhattan Marlowe School, where their very presence brings unexplainable misfortune…”–dust cover flap.

askThe Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking, Book Two). Patrick Ness. Y Ness.
The follow-up to the literary sci-fi thriller “The Knife of Never Letting Go” continues. Alternate chapters follow teenagers Todd and Viola, who become separated as the Mayor’s oppressive new regime takes power in New Prentisstown, a space colony where residents can hear each other’s thoughts.

linyrinthLibyrinth. Pearl North. Y North.
In a distant future where Libyrarians preserve and protect the ancient books that are housed in the fortress-like Libyrinth, Haly is imprisoned by Eradicants, who believe that the written word is evil, and she must try to mend the rift between the two groups before their war for knowledge destroys them all.

restlessThe Restless Dead: ten original stories of the supernatural. Deborah Noyes, ed. YPB Restless.
The anthologist of the award-winning “Gothic!” collects even more hair-raising tales in this companion collection, featuring scary stories by such contemporary masters of horror and suspense as M.T. Anderson, Holly Black, and Chris Wooding.

sideshowSideshow: ten original tales of freaks, illusionists, and other matters odd and magical. Deborah Noyes, ed. Y Sideshow.
Freaks, magicians, psychics, and the passing strange take center stage in 10 original tales by top YA authors and graphic novelists, including David Almond, Amiee Bender, and Matt Phelen. These tales are by turns humorous and insightful, edgy and eerie, but always compulsively entertaining.

sopunkSo Punk Rock: and other ways to disappoint your mother. Micol Ostow. YPB Ostow.
Four suburban New Jersey students from the Leo R. Gittleman Jewish Day School form a rock band that becomes inexplicably popular, creating exhilaration, friction, confrontation, and soul-searching among its members.

asyouwishAs You Wish. Jackson Pearce. Y Pearce.
A brokenhearted Viola inadvertently summons a genie into her world. Jinn agrees to stay until Viola makes three wishes, but she’s afraid she won’t wish for the right thing. Jinn can’t deny that he’s falling for Viola, and only after she makes her first wish does Viola realize she’s in love with Jinn.

baitBait. Alex Sanchez. Y Sanchez.
Diego keeps getting into trouble because of his explosive temper until he finally finds a probation officer who helps him get to the root of his anger so that he can stop running from his past.

loveyouLove You Hate You Miss You. Elizabeth Scott. Y Scott.
After coming out of alcohol rehabilitation, sixteen-year-old Amy sorts out conflicting emotions about her best friend Julia’s death in a car accident for which she feels responsible.

positivelyPositively. Courtney Sheinmel. Y Sheinmel.
Thirteen-year-old Emmy, grieving over her mother who died of AIDS, resentful of having to live with her father and pregnant stepmother, and despairing about her future, finds hope at a summer camp for HIV-positive girls like herself. Includes facts about Elizabeth Glaser, one of the founders of the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

hunchbackThe Hunchback Assignments. Arthur Slade. Y Slade.
This gripping new series combines Steampunk, spying, and a fantastic Victorian London. The mysterious Mr. Socrates rescues Modo, a child with an amazing ability to transform his appearance, and raises him to be a spy. It’s up to 14-year-old Modo and fellow spy Octavia Milkweed to save their country from the diabolical efforts of a mad scientist.

specterSpecter Rising. Thomas E. Sniegoski. YPB Sniegoski.
Just when thirteen-year-old Bram Stone has gotten the hang of running the new Brimstone Network, an unexpected shock is sent his way. Ligeia, queen of the specter — the mother he’s never known — suddenly appears in his life, leading Bram to explore his specter half as he never has before.

shiverShiver. Maggie Stiefvater. Y Stiefvater.
For Grace, one yellow-eyed wolf is a chilling presence in the woods behind her house. During winter, Sam lives in the frozen woods and the silent company of a fearless girl. In summer, he lives a few precious months as a human. Soon, Grace and Sam find themselves risking everything to remain together.

eternal_kissThe Eternal Kiss: 13 Vampire Tales of Blood and Desire. Tricia Telep, ed. YPB Eternal.
From Bram Stoker to Stephenie Meyer, there’s an allure to vampire tales that has seduced readers for generations. This collection of original tales features some of today’s hottest YA writers, including Holly Black, Libba Bray, Melissa de la Cruz, and Cassandra Clare.

gorgeousGorgeous. Rachel Vail. Y Vail.
In this follow-up to “Lucky”, ninth-grader Allison has always been the least attractive among her sisters, but when she allows the devil to possess her cell phone in exchange for appearing to be gorgeous, she must confront the power and deceptiveness of appearances.

skinnedSkinned. Robin Wasserman. Y Wasserman.
From Robin Wasserman (“Hacking Harvard”) comes the first novel in a new trilogy. After a horrible accident, Lia Kahn’s wealthy family has access to the most cutting-edge technology to save her: the download. Lia is alive, but in a new body that only looks human.

crashedCrashed. Robin Wasserman. Y Wasserman.
In this follow-up to “Skinned,” Lia becomes swept up in the idea of being a revolutionary after she joins Jude and his roving gang of mechs. But as plans escalate, she starts having second thoughts. How many people–mechanical and organic–is she willing to hurt to protect her freedom?

prophecyProphecy of the Sisters. Michelle Zink. Y Zink.
Recently orphaned, 16-year-old Lia Milthorpe discovers she and her twin sister Alice are part of an ancient prophecy that has turned generations of sisters against each other. To escape from a dark fate and to remain in the arms of her beloved boyfriend James, Lia must end the prophecy before her sister does.

offyearAn Off Year. Claire Zulkey. Y Zulkey.
Cecily has always done everything she was supposed to, but after a lifetime of following the rules, she surprises everyone by arriving for her freshman year of college . . . and turning around. What follows is a year of snarkily observed self-doubt and self-discovery.


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