Duct Tape Flip Flop Instructions

I promised everyone who attended my Duct Tape Flip Flop workshop that I would post the instructions, so here’s the list of supplies and the instructions for how to make them on your own. I combined these instructions from several others I found online on ehow.com.

Duct tape (obviously), however many colors you want
Several cardboard squares (each one bigger than your foot)
Glue (any kind) or glue sticks
Scissors and/or an Xacto knife
Black marker

1. First, make the base for your flip-flops. Trace your left foot onto one of the cardboard squares with the marker and cut it out with the scissors. Then use this cut-out to trace several more and cut these out. The more of these patterns you make, the more comfortable the flip-flop will be when you stack them together. I recommend doing at least three.

2. Repeat with the right foot. Again, make at least three cut-outs of your right foot.

3. Using glue sticks or any regular white glue, glue all of the left foot cardboard patterns together, and glue all of the right foot cardboard patterns together. These are the base of your flip-flops.

4. Cover/decorate each stack with duct tape in whatever patterns you prefer: stripes of different colors, shapes cut out with an Xacto knife, or just standard gray. Try to apply the duct tape in straight lines so they don’t bubble up.

5. Now to make the straps. This makes the regular thin straps found on your average flip-flop. Cut off a strip of duct tape at least 12 inches long and fold in half lengthwise to make one, long strip. Then, cut this strip in half lengthwise to make two strips of equal length.

6. Repeat this step for the other foot, so you’ll have four 12-inch straps when you’re done.

7. Put your bare foot on your flip-flop and mark a dot between your big and second toes with the marker. Do this for each foot.

8. Cut a 3/4 to 1 inch slit horizontally along the dot. This can be tricky with the layers of cardboard and duct tape, so you sometimes need to wiggle the end of the scissors of the Xacto knife back and forth to make the slit wide enough. Do this for each foot.

9. Insert the end of two 12 inch strips through the slip and tape to the bottom of the flip-flop. Repeat this step for the other foot. Again, this can be tricky, so you may need to make the slit wider in order to fit both straps through.

10. With your foot on the flip-flop, pull one of the straps across the left of your foot, and one across the right. Tape them to the bottom of the flip-flop. You may need to cut the straps down so that they fit your foot before taping them. Repeat this step for the other foot.

You’re done! You can continue to embellish your flip-flops however you like. You can also cut out and add craft foam to the bottom of the flip-flops and cover with duct tape to make them even more comfortable.


One Response to “Duct Tape Flip Flop Instructions”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i just made a pair of duct tape flip flops and they are CUTE! i love them!

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