New Books – August 2010

Bullet Point, by Peter Abrahams. Y Abrahams.
The only thing seventeen-year-old Wyatt knew about his biological father was that he was serving a life sentence, but circumstances and a new girlfriend bring them together and soon Wyatt is working to prove his father’s innocence.

X-Isle, by Steve Augarde. Y Augarde.
Baz and Ray, survivors of an apocalyptic flood, win places on X-Isle, an island where life is rumored to be better than on the devastated mainland, but they find the island to be a violent place ruled by religious fanatic Preacher John, and they decide they must come up with a weapon to protect themselves from impending danger.

Freak Magnet, by Andrew Auseon. Y Auseon.
Two teenagers, both burdened by grief and loss, find each other and gradually develop a strong connection to one another.

Crispin: the End of Time (Book Three), by Avi. Y Avi.
As Crispin tries to fulfill Bear’s dream of moving to Iceland, he must leave Troth behind at a convent that needs a healer but, after falling in with thieves posing as musicians, he makes a new friend, Owen, and together they continue the arduous journey.

Sleepless, by Cyn Balog. Y Balog.
Eron, a supernatural being known as a Sandman whose purpose is to seduce humans to sleep, falls in love with a sad teenaged girl who is mourning her boyfriend’s death.

Shapeshifter, by Holly Bennett. YPB Bennett.
In order to escape the sorcerer who wants to control her gift of song, Sive must transform herself into a deer, leave the Otherworld and find refuge in Eire, the land of mortals.

The Gardener, by S.A. Bodeen. Y Bodeen.
When high school sophomore Mason finds a beautiful but catatonic girl in the nursing home where his mother works, the discovery leads him to revelations about a series of disturbing human experiments that have a connection to his own life.

Blade: Out of the Shadows (Book Two), by Tim Bowler. Y Bowler.
A fourteen-year-old British street person with extraordinary powers of observation and self-control must face murderous thugs connected with a past he has tried to forget, when his skills with a knife earned him the nickname, Blade.

The Rise of Renegade X, by Chelsea Campbell. Y Campbell.
Expecting to become a supervillain on his sixteenth birthday, Damien Locke, son of one of Golden City’s most notorious supervillains, is horrified to discover that he may instead be destined to become a superhero.

Rose Sees Red, by Cecil Castellucci. Y Castellucci.
In the 1980s, two teenaged ballet dancers–one American, one Russian–spend an unforgettable night in New York City, forming a lasting friendship despite their cultural and political differences.

Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex (Book Seven), by Eoin Colfer. Y Colfer.
Teenaged criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl must save the underwater fairy metropolis of Atlantis from danger, while battling a psychological affliction known as the Atlantis Complex.

Accomplice, by Eireann Corrigan. Y Corrigan.
High school juniors and best friends Finn and Chloe hatch a daring plot to fake Chloe’s disappearance from their rural New Jersey town in order to have something compelling to put on their college applications, but unforeseen events complicate matters.

Queen’s Daughter, by Susan Coventry. Y Coventry.
A fictionalized biography of Joan of England, the youngest child of King Henry II of England and his queen consort, Eleanor of Aquitaine, chronicling her complicated relationships with her warring parents and many siblings, particularly with her favorite brother Richard the Lionheart, her years as Queen consort of Sicily, and her second marriage to Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse.

Tell Me a Secret, by Holly Cupola. Y Cupola.
Seventeen-year-old Rand’s unexpected pregnancy leads her on a path to unravel the mystery of her sister’s death and face her own more hopeful future.

Stranded, by J. T. Dutton. Y Dutton.
Seventeen-year-old Rand’s unexpected pregnancy leads her on a path to unravel the mystery of her sister’s death and face her own more hopeful future.

The View from the Top, by Hillary Frank. Y Frank.
Anabelle and her fellow high school graduates navigate their way through a disastrous summer of love and friendship in the small coastal town of Normal, Maine.

Everlasting, by Angie Frazier. Y Frazier.
In 1855, seventeen-year-old Camille sets out from San Francisco, California, on her last sea voyage before entering a loveless marriage, but when her father’s ship is destroyed, she and a friend embark on a cross-Australian quest to find her long-lost mother who holds a map to a magical stone.

Nomansland, by Lesley Hauge. Y Hauge.
Living under a strict code of conduct in an all-female community 500 years after the earth’s destruction, a sensitive teenaged girl raised to be a hunter discovers forbidden relics from the Time Before.

A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend, by Emily Horner. Y Horner.
As she tries to sort out her feelings of love, seventeen-year-old Cass, a spunky math genius with an introverted streak, finds a way to memorialize her dead best friend.

Legacies, by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill. Y Lackey.
After her family is killed, Spirit White is taken to Oakhurst Academy, a combination orphanage and school for those with magical powers, where she and her new friends investigate when students start mysteriously disappearing.

A Spy in the House (The Agency, Book One), by Y.S. Lee. Y Lee.
Rescued from the gallows in 1850s London, young orphan and thief Mary Quinn is offered a place at Miss Scrimshaw’s Academy for Girls where she is trained to be part of an all-female investigative unit called The Agency and, at age seventeen, she infiltrates a rich merchant’s home in hopes of tracing his missing cargo ships.

The Lighter Side of Life and Death, by C.K. Kelly Martin. Y Martin.
After the last, triumphant night of the school play, fifteen-year-old Mason loses his virginity to his good friend and secret crush, Kat Medina, which leads to enormous complications at school just as his home life is thrown into turmoil by his father’s marriage to a woman with two children.

7 Souls, by Barnabas Miller and Jordan Orlando. Y Miller.
Inexplicable things have been happening to Manhattan socialite Mary since she awoke on her seventeenth birthday, and by the end of the day she has been killed, inhabited the bodies of seven people close to her, and faced some ugly truths about herself.

The Secret to Lying, by Todd Mitchell. Y Mitchell.
Fifteen-year-old James lies about himself to be considered “cool” when he gets into an exclusive boarding school, but soon unnaturally vivid dreams of being a demon-hunting warrior lead to self-destructive acts while he is awake.

Firespell (a novel of the Dark Elite), by Chloe Neill. YPB Neill.
Lily’s parents have sent her to a fancy boarding school in Chicago filled with the ultra-rich. If that wasn’t bad enough, she’s hearing and seeing bizarre things on St. Sophie’s creepy campus. Her roommate, Scout, keeps her sane, but keeps disappearing at night. When one day Lily finds Scout running from real-life monsters, she learns the hard way that Scout is involved in a splinter group of rebel teens. They protect Chicago from demons, vamps, and dark magic users. It’s too bad Lily doesn’t have powers of her own to help. At least, none that she’s discovered yet…

Remember Me collection (Remember Me; The Return; and The Last Story), by Christopher Pike. YPB Pike.
Although her death is ruled a suicide, Shari Cooper knows that she was murdered and sets out on a horrifying journey to seek her killer, relying upon help from The Shadow–a thing more menacing than death itself.

Siren, by Tricia Rayburn. Y Rayburn.
After her sister’s sudden death, seventeen-year-old Vanessa investigates a series of inexplicable drownings off the coast of Winter Harbor, Maine, and uncovers an unimaginable secret that changes everything.

Fool’s Girl, by Celia Rees. Y Rees.
Violetta and Feste have come to London to rescue a holy relic taken from a church in Illyria by the evil Malvolio, and once there, they tell the story of their adventures to playwright William Shakespeare, who turns it into a play.

Demon Princess: Reign Check (Book Two), by Michelle Rowan. YPB Rowan.
Sixteen-year-old Nikki is again summoned to the Underworld to appear before the Demon Council, the king of the faerie realm enrolls at her small-town Canada high school to experience human life, and her mother begins dating one of her teachers.

Motorcycles, Sushi & One Strange Book, by Nancy Rue. YPB Rue.
Fifteen-year-old Jessie Hatcher, forced to go to Florida with the father she thought was dead, finds that his faith, a book that seems to speak to her heart, and new friends help her get control of her ADHD and her life.

The Deadly Sister, by Eliot Schrefer. Y Schrefer.
Abby Goodwin has always covered for her sister, Maya. but now Maya has been accused of murder, and Abby’s not sure she’ll be able to cover for her sister anymore. Abby helps Maya escape. But when Abby begins investigating the death, she find that you can’t trust anyone, not even the people you think you know.

The Thin Executioner, by Darren Shan. Y Shan.
In a nation of warriors where weakness is shunned and all crimes, no matter how minor, are punishable by beheading, young Jebel Rum, along with a slave who is fated to be sacrificed, sets forth on a quest to petition the Fire God for invincibility, but when the long and arduous journey is over, Jebel has learned much about fairness and the value of life.

The Poison Diaries, by Maryrose Wood. Y Wood.
In late eighteenth-century Northumberland, England, sixteen-year-old Jessamine Luxton and the mysterious Weed uncover the horrible secrets of poisons growing in Thomas Luxton’s apothecary garden.

Guardian of the Gate (Prophecy of the Sisters, Book Two), by Michelle Zink. Y Zink.
In 1891 London, sixteen-year-old orphan Lia Milthorpe continues her quest to end an ancient prophecy requiring her to search for missing pages and human”keys” and develop her powers for an inevitable final confrontation with her twin sister Alice.


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