New Books – June 2010

Ship Breaker, by Paolo Bacigalupi. Y Bacigalupi.
In a futuristic world, teenaged Nailer scavenges copper wiring from grounded oil tankers for a living, but when he finds a beached clipper ship with a girl in the wreckage, he has to decide if he should strip the ship for its wealth or rescue the girl.

White Cat, by Holly Black. Y Black.
When Cassel Sharpe discovers that his older brothers have used him to carry out their criminal schemes and then stolen his memories, he figures out a way to turn their evil machinations against them.

The Buccaneer’s Apprentice (companion novel to The Glass-Maker’s Daughter), by V. Briceland. YPB Briceland.
On his first sea voyage away from the magical city of Cassaforte, seventeen-year-old Nic Dattore awakens to find the vessel overrun by marauding pirates–and everyone else on board kidnapped or killed. After slaying the pirate who attacked him, Nic tosses a torch into a cache of gunpowder and blows up the ship. Washed up on a deserted island, Nic and a motley crew of castaways decide to commandeer the pirate ship to get home. They battle pirates, assassins, and a cursed ship with a powerful secret while racing against time to save Cassaforte from a diabolical coup.

The Karma Club, by Jessica Brody. Y Brody.
When high school senior Maddy catches her boyfriend cheating on her, she devises a complicated plan to get revenge.

Thirteen Days to Midnight, by Patrick Carmen. Y Carmen.
In the aftermath of the accident that killed his foster father, high school student Jacob Fielding discovers that he has acquired the power of indestructibility, and the more he learns about it the more he realizes that it is a heavy burden, if not a curse.

Mistwood, by Leah Cypress. Y Cypress.
Brought back from the Mistwood to protect the royal family, a girl who has no memory of being a shape-shifter encounters political and magical intrigue as she struggles with her growing feelings for the prince.

My Invisible Boyfriend, by Susie Day. Y Day.
In a British alternative high school, fifteen-year-old Heidi stands out in many ways, but when she invents a boyfriend–complete with online profile–her friends turn to him for advice and she must decide how far she is willing to go to find acceptance.

The Dark Divine, by Bree Despain. Y Despain.
Grace Divine, almost seventeen, learns a dark secret when her childhood friend–practically a brother–returns, upsetting her pastor-father and the rest of her family, around the time strange things are happening in and near their small Minnesota town.

A Wizard of Mars (Young Wizards, Book Nine), by Diane Duane. Y Duane.
Young wizards Kit Rodriguez and Nita Callahan manage to wrangle their way onto an elite team sent to investigate the mysterious, long-sought “message in a bottle” that holds the first clues to the secrets of the ancient Martian race.

Every Little Thing in the World, by Nina de Gramont. Y Gramont.
Before she can decide what do about her newly discovered pregnancy, sixteen-year-old Sydney is punished for “borrowing” a car and shipped out, along with best friend Natalia, to a wilderness camp for the next six weeks.

Lies: a Gone novel (Book Three), by Michael Grant. Y Grant.
As conditions worsen in the FAYZ, where supernatural forces have trapped children under the age of fifteen and resources are running out, it becomes tempting to heed the words of a prophet who says that only death will set them free.

Guardian of the Dead, by Karen Healey. Y Healey.
Eighteen-year-old New Zealand boarding school student Ellie Spencer must use her rusty tae kwon do skills and new-found magic to try to stop a fairy-like race of creatures from Maori myth and legend that is plotting to kill millions of humans in order to regain their lost immortality.

Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising, by Jason Henderson. Y Henderson.
At a boarding school in Switzerland, fourteen-year-old Alex Van Helsing learns that vampires are real, that he has a natural ability to sense them, and that an agency called the Polidorium has been helping his family fight them since 1821.

Captivate (sequel to Need), by Carrie Jones. Y Jones.
High school junior Zara and her friends continue to try to contain the pixies that threaten their small Maine town, but when a Valkyrie takes Zara’s boyfriend, Nick, to Valhalla, the only way to save him is to trust a pixie king, Astley.

The Knife that Killed Me, by Anthony McGowan. Y McGowan.
Paul Varderman, a secondary student in an English Catholic School, is a loner until, just as he is becoming friends with “the freaks,” the school bully encourages Paul to join his gang and gives him a knife to carry as an incentive.

Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots, by Abby McDonald. Y McDonald.
Seventeen-year-old Jenna, an ardent vegetarian and environmentalist, is thrilled to be spending the summer communing with nature in rural Canada, until she discovers that not all of the rugged residents there share her beliefs.

The Light, by D.J. Machale. Y MacHale.
Sixteen-year-old Marshall Seaver is expecting a boring summer when his best friend goes away, but instead he finds himself haunted–and hunted–by ghosts that want something from him which he cannot decipher.

Gimmie a Call, by Sarah Mlynowski. Y Mlynowski.
After accidentally dropping her cell phone into a fountain at the mall, fourteen-year-old Devi Banks starts to get phone calls–and an earful of advice on how to live her life to avoid making disastrous choices–from her seventeen-year-old self.

The Sky is Everywhere, by Jandy Nelson. Y Nelson.
In the months after her sister dies, seventeen-year-old Lennie falls into a love triangle and discovers the strength to follow her dream of becoming a musician.

Still Sucks to be Me: More All-True Confessions of Mina Smith, Teen Vampire (sequel to Sucks to be Me), by Kimberly Pauley. Y Pauley.
When newly-turned teen vampire Mina Hamilton, now Smith, moves with her family far from their California home, her best friend Serena, and her vampire boyfriend George, life is not at all what she expects.

The Prince of Mist, by Carols Zafon Ruiz. Y Ruiz.
In 1943, in a seaside town where their family has gone to be safe from war, thirteen-year-old Max Carver and sister, fifteen-year-old Alicia, with new friend Roland, face off against an evil magician who is striving to complete a bargain made before he died.

Zen and Xander Undone, by Amy Ryan. Y Ryan.
Sisters Zen and Xander pursue the mystery of their mother’s past, forming a bond that keeps them from coming undone.

The Oracle of Dating, by Allison van Diepen. YPB Van Diepen.
“For five bucks, the Oracle of Dating will tell you : How to flirt ; If that cute guy you’re crushing on likes you, too ; Whether your new romance will last through lunch period…What she won’t tell you? Who she is. No one at Kayla’s school knows she’s the famous Oracle of Dating–the anonymous queen of dating advice. She doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Two relationship disasters were enough to make Kayla focus on everyone else’s life. But then her advice backfires on her own best friend. And Kayla starts to seriously obsess about Jared Stewart–the very cute, very mysterious new guy in school. Suddenly, the teen queen of advice needs her own oracle of dating–and she knows just where to find one…”–P. [4] of cover.


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