March 2011 New Books

I Am J, by Cris Beam. Y Beam.
J, who feels like a boy mistakenly born as a girl, runs away from his best friend who has rejected him and the parents he thinks do not understand him when he finally decides that it is time to be who he really is.

Roses & Bones, by Francesca Lia Block. Y Block.
What happens when a girl finds herself at the crossroads between worlds–where the angels and ghosts, gods and demons, and beauties and beasts of myth are real? What does she do and who does she become? This captures the best Francesca Lia Block has to offer: extravagantly imaginative tales, dark landscapes, fierce poetry, and storytelling that is nothing short of magical.

Draw the Dark, by Ilsa Bick. Y Bick.
Seventeen-year-old Christian Cage lives with his uncle in Winter, Wisconsin, where his nightmares, visions, and strange paintings draw him into a mystery involving German prisoners of war, a mysterious corpse, and Winter’s last surviving Jew.

Dark Goddess (Devil’s Kiss, Book Two), by Sarwat Chadda. Y Chadda.
Billi SanGreal, a teenaged member of the Knights Templar, must prevent a young girl, who is being hunted by werewolves because of the dangerous powers she possesses, from falling into the hands of the ancient Russian witch, Baba Yaga.

Deadly, by Julie Chibbaro. Y Chibbaro.
In the early nineteen-hundreds, sixteen-year-old Prudence Galewski leaves school to take a job assisting the head epidemiologist at New York’s Department of Health and Sanitation, investigating the intriguing case of “Typhoid Mary,” a seemingly healthy woman who is infecting others with typhoid fever. Includes a historical note by the author.

Night School: The Weirn Books Book 4, by Svetlana Chmakova. Y Chmakova.
Alex finds herself caught in the middle with the Sohrem rising and the hunters on the move, but she worries that her real enemy may be the one inside her. Graphic novel.

Night School: The Weirn Books Book 3, by Svetlana Chmakova. Y Chmakova.
Alex is determined to get to the bottom of her sister’s disappearance, but is she prepared for what she might find? Graphic novel.

Night School: The Weirn Books Book 2, by Svetlana Chmakova. Y Chmakova.
When Alex’s sister, Sarah, vanishes and all memory and evidence of her existence is erased, Alex is determined to get to the bottom of her sister’s disappearance. What better place to start her investigations than the Nightschool itself? Graphic novel.

Night School: The Weirn Books Book 1, by Svetlana Chmakova. Y Chmakova.
Normal schools may close for the night, but the Nightschool offers an education for a very different crowd–vampires, demons, and weirns, a special breed of witches. When Alex, a young weirn, enrolls to learn what has become of her sister, will she be prepared for what she finds there? Graphic novel.

Leverage, by Joshua Cohen. Y Cohen.
High school sophomore Danny excels at gymnastics but is bullied, like the rest of the gymnasts, by members of the football team, until an emotionally and physically scarred new student joins the football team and forms an unlikely friendship with Danny.

The Education of Hailey Kendrick, by Eileen Cook. Y Cook.
Dating a popular boy and adhering to every rule ever written, a high school senior at an elite Vermont boarding school begins to shed her good girl identity after an angry incident with her distant father.

Haven, by Kristi Cook. Y Cook.
Violet McKenna’s life started falling apart when a premonition of her father’s murder came true, but at a new school, Winterhaven, she finds friends with psychic gifts and an alluring boy whose destiny is entwined with hers in a critical–and deadly–way.

Desires of the Dead (sequel to The Body Finder), by Kimberly Derting. Y Derting.
Sixteen-year-old Violet Ambrose’s ability to find murder victims and their killers draws the attention of the FBI just as her relationship with Jay, her best-friend-turned-boyfriend, heats up.

Battle Dress, by Amy Efaw. Y Efaw.
Welcome to Beast: Six weeks of intensive basic training for incoming West Point cadets. The thought of never-ending commands, drills, and predawn runs might scare some people, but not seventeen-year-old Andi Davis. After being yelled at for her entire life, Andi is sure she can handle anything that West Point can dish out. But as the days wear on, orders are barked faster, the work gets harder, push-ups pile up, and Andi is nearly destroyed by the grueling routine. Will she find a way to make it through this living nightmare? Or will Beast devour her?

Jena & Jonah’s Fauxmance, by Emily Franklin & Brendan Halpin.
Two popular television stars who dislike each other intensely must pretend to be a couple for publicity purposes, and when the truth is discovered their relationship goes through many changes.

Teenie, by Christopher Grant. Y Grant.
High school freshman Martine, longing to escape Brooklyn and her strict parents, is trying to get into a study-abroad program but when her long-time crush begins to pay attention to her and her best friend starts an on-line relationship, Teenie’s mind is on anything but her grades.

Warped, by Murissa Guibord. Y Guibord.
When seventeen-year-old Tessa Brody comes into possession of an ancient unicorn tapestry, she is plummeted into sixteenth-century England, where her life is intertwined with that of a handsome nobleman who is desperately trying to escape a terrible fate.

Where I Belong, by Gwendolyn Heasley. Y Heasley.
When sixteen-year-old Corinne Corcoran’s father loses his job, she is forced to give up her privileged Manhattan lifestyle and move to Broken Spoke, Texas, where she discovers that life is more than shopping sprees and country clubs.

Fallen Grace, by Mary Hooper. Y Hooper.
In Victorian London, impoverished fifteen-year-old orphan Grace takes care of her older but mentally unfit sister Lily, and after enduring many harsh and painful experiences, the two become the victims of a fraud perpetrated by the wealthy owners of several funeral businesses.

Tiger’s Curse, by Colleen Huock. Y Huock.
Seventeen-year-old Oregon teenager Kelsey forms a bond with a circus tiger who’s actually one of two brothers, Indian princes Ren and Kishan, who were cursed to live as tigers for eternity. She travels with him to India where the tiger’s curse may be broken once and for all.

Jumpstart the World, bt Cathering Ryan Hyde. Y Hyde.
Sixteen-year-old Elle falls in love with Frank, the neighbor who helps her adjust to being on her own in a big city, but learning that he is transgendered turns her world upside-down.

Torment (Fallen, Book Two), by Lauren Kate. Y Kate.
It took Luce and her fallen angel boyfriend, Daniel an eternity to find one another, but now he has told her he must go away. Just long enough to hunt down the Outcasts, immortals who want to kill Luce. Daniel hides Luce at Shoreline, a school on the rocky California coast with unusually gifted students: Nephilim, the offspring of fallen angels and humans.

The Iron Thorn, by Caitlin Kittredge. Y Kittredge.
Aoife Grayson’s family is unique, in the worst way–every one of them has gone mad on their 16th birthday. And now, a ward of the state, and one of the only female students at the School of Engines, she is trying to pretend that her fate can be different.

Angry Young Man, by Chris Lynch. Y Lynch.
Eighteen-year-old Robert tries to help his half-brother Xan, a seventeen-year-old misfit, to make better choices as he becomes increasingly attracted to a variety of protesters, anarchists, and the like.

The Piper’s Son, by Melina Marchetta. Y Marchetta.
After his favorite uncle’s violent death, Tom Mackee watches his family implode, quits school, and turns his back on music and everyone who matters, and while he is in no shape to mend what is broken, he fears that no one else is, either.

Darkest Mercy (Wicked Lovely, Book Five), by Melissa Marr. Y Marr.
The political and romantic tensions that began when Aislin became Summer Queen threaten to boil over as the Faerie Courts brace against the threat of all-out war.

The Vespertine, by Saundra Mitchell. Y Mitchell.
It’s the summer of 1889, and Amelia van den Broek is new to Baltimore. But her gaiety is interrupted by disturbing, dreamlike visions that offer glimpses of the future. When one of her darkest visions comes to pass, Amelia’s world is thrown into chaos.

Subject Seven, by Fames A. Moore. Y Moore.
“Years ago, scientists began developing the ultimate military weapon: deadly sleeper assassins housed within the bodies of teenagers. Now Subject Seven, the dangerous alter-ego living inside a 16-year-old boy, has escaped the lab and is on a mission. His objective? To seek out others like him and build an army capable of destroying their creators”–Publisher.

Wonderland, by Joanna Nadin. Y Nadin.
Sixteen-year-old Jude hopes to finally become who she wants to be, away from tiny Churchtown and the father who cannot get over her mother’s death, by joining a prestigious drama program in London until Stella, her wild childhood friend, returns and causes Jude to wonder if she really wants to be the center of attention, after all.

Delirium, by Lauren Oliver. Y Oliver.
Lena looks forward to receiving the government-mandated cure that prevents the delirium of love and leads to a safe, predictable, and happy life, until ninety-five days before her eighteenth birthday and her treatment, when she falls in love.

Pick-Up Game: A Full Day of Full Court, edited by Mark Aronson and Charles R. Smith Jr. Y Pick-Up
A series of short stories by such authors as Walter Dean Myers, Rita Williams-Garcia, and Joseph Bruchac, interspersed with poems and photographs, provides different perspectives on a game of streetball played one steamy July day at the West 4th Street court in New York City known as The Cage.

Vampire Crush, by A.M Robinson. Y Robinson.
Sixteen-year-old journalist Sophie McGee’s junior year is filled with unexpected drama–and romance–when she discovers that her new classmates are hiding a dark secret, while the “boy next door” from her childhood re-enters her life.

Vesper, by Jeff Sampson. Y Sampson.
By the time sixteen-year-old Emily discovers that she and several of her high school classmates in their small Washington town are products of genetic engineering, they display all very dangerous powers by night and are stalked by a murderer.

Outside In (sequel to Inside Out), by Maria V. Snyder. Y Snyder.
In the future world of the Inside, uppers rule. At least that’s how it used to be until scrub Trella accidentally started a revolution. Now everyone’s look to her for answers about how to run the new world of Inside.

The Chaos (sequel to Numbers), By Rachel Ward. Y Ward.
Fifteen-year-old Jem knows when she looks at someone the exact date they will die, so she avoids relationships and tries to keep out of the way, but when she meets a boy named Spider and they plan a day out together, they become more involved than either of them had planned.


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