The Seer Series, by Linda Joy Singleton

dragonflyJoanna H. reviewed the five volumes in Singleton’s Seer series.

Don’t Die Dragonfly, by Linda Joy Singleton
Sabine was kicked out of her home in California and sent to live with her grandmother when she had visions of the star football player dying a fiery death. Now all she wants is to be normal. But that’s not to be. Sabine starts hearing visions of a dragonfly drenched in blood. I liked the story and characters a lot, but this book had several glaring spelling and usage mistakes. But other than that, great book. I would recommend this to anyone that likes modern day fairy tales.

— Joanna H.
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Vibes, by Amy Ryan

vibesThis book is about an unusual girl that thinks she’s psychic and her experiences in an unusual school called Journeys. On the way she makes an interesting new friend and finds out more about herself and how people really see her. I didn’t really like much about this book. I thought the characters were fairly hard to relate to. The story had a good ending though, and overall it’s not to bad of a book. You’ll like this book if you enjoy a book about unusual people that don’t just go with the flow.

–Joanna H.

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Gamer Girl, by Mari Mancusi

gamer-girlGamer Girl is about a girl whose parents get divorced and she has to move. In her new high school, she is labeled freak girl. The only place she can be herself is an online game called Fields of Fantasy. I like this book because it has some of my favorite things, video games and manga. I think anyone who plays video games or whose parents are divorced would like this book.

–Justin W.

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