March Program: The Golden (Teen Book) Trailer Awards

Please register soon if you’re interested in this program — it’s this Sunday!

Sure, you see movie trailers every time you go to the theater or turn on the television. But did you know there are BOOK trailers, too? They’re increasingly popular ways to advertise hot new books and they’re just as fun to watch as movie trailers.

Let’s be judgey judgey like the Oscars and pick the best and worst book trailers for teen books at our viewing party. We’ll watch a series of book trailers while enjoying popcorn, pizza, and drinks, and then we’ll vote for the best and worst in several categories.

When: Sunday, March 6, from 2-4 p.m.
Where: Englewood Public Library, Anderson Room

Not sure what book trailers are? Watch some excellent ones to learn more here:

Or check out my personal favorite book trailer this year, for White Cat by Holly Black (in case you can’t view the embedded video, here’s the direct link:

We’ll judge the trailers in the following categories:

Best All Around Book Trailer
Worst All Around Book Trailer
Best Author Appearance in a Book Trailer
Most Annoying Author Appearance in a Book Trailer
Trailer Most Likely to Actually Sell the Book
Trailer Least Likely to Actually Sell the Book

Please register for this program by calling 303-762-2555 or stopping by the reference desk, so we know how much pizza to order!! Finally, if you have any suggestions for book trailers we should watch, please nominate them here and I will collect them.


More ways to Zombify yourself

zombie2Our program this Saturday will teach you how to blend with the zombie hordes in case of a zombie apocalypse. But what if you want a preview first?

Check out this Zombieland site, where you can upload your picture and make yourself into a zombie: Zombify Yourself.

After seeing what you could look like, come back to the library and learn how to make it a reality at our horror movie make-up workshop. The workshop is this Saturday, October 24, at 2:30 in the Storytime Room. Hope to see you there!