Airbrushed T-Shirt Workshop Photos 2011

Igor Tkac from Igor’s T-Shirts was here for teen summer reading, showing off his airbrushing skills and teaching participants how to do a little airbrushing of their own. After a brief introduction on the tools and mechanics of airbrushing, everyone got a chance to try it themselves by airbrushing one side of a T-shirt with their own design; Igor then did a professional design of their choice on the other side. Not everyone would let me take photos of the side that they did themselves (airbrushing is a lot harder than it looks!), but here are the photos I took.  Click on an image to view it larger.

Here’s a couple of Igor airbrushing a design during his introduction:

Once they got the chance, a lot of participants wanted to show their school spirit! Here are some of the school-related designs, most (but not all) are about sports. You guess which sides were done by Igor and which by the teens themselves:

Not everyone chose to do a school-related design, though! Participants professed love for everything from anime to The Vampire Diaries to Justin Bieber and some created their own ideas on the spot.

This was a great workshop and thanks to everyone for participating and to Igor for being such a good teacher.


One Response to “Airbrushed T-Shirt Workshop Photos 2011”

  1. Jacqui Valdez Says:

    I hope you have Igor again this year! I had so much fun last year!

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